DOLEXPERT-GEOTECHNIKA is a consulting engineering company specialised in solving complex geotechnical problems of civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and mining industry using advanced numerical analysis. The company, founded in 1991, continues the work of the specialist team created by Dr. Marta Dolezalova in Hydroprojekt Prague in 1970 and later in the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for industrial application of numerical methods in geomechanics. With more than 30 years of numerical modelling experience and one hundred model-based case studies and expert opinions providing input for the design, Dolexpert-Geotechnika is a leading company in the field.

Along with practical application of numerical methods, the company participates in diverse research projects and grants, which contributes to the high, up-to-date level of its services. The company won a number of projects funded by European Union and the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. This applied research makes a bridge between the theory and practice.

A flexible number of specialists is affiliated to the company. Three professionals with outstanding specialist expertise in the field of geotechnical engineering, numerical mathematics, civil engineering, mining engineering and hydraulic engineering make up the core of the company, and when necessary the team is extended on a project-by-project basis. The head of the company, Dr. Marta Dolezalova, is Member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the International Association on Computational Methods and Advances in Geomechanics, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences and author and co-author of 385 scientific publications in the field (1 book, 164 Articles, 106 Case Studies, 114 Research Reports).

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